Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Posting from Emacs using gblogger

I've been playing with Emacs lately. The MO of Emacs is to avoid leaving it any more than absolutely necessary, so there are packages for doing all kinds of stuff. One of those things is posting to blogger. It didn't take too long to find this article introducing g-client, which can be downloaded from google here. Downloading and installing it were relatively painless, except that you need to run make config before make to avoid errors about missing g-cus-load.el. The hard part was figuring out, for someone who didn't "just know", what the "post url" was. So here's how you figure it out. Run gblogger-blogs and view the resulting page (for me it just opened in my browser) - it should be a plain text page with a handful of links. At the bottom of the page is a link "[post]". Right click and copy the address for that - that's the "post url". Having that, I of course started hacking my .emacs.el:

(defun dts-new-blog-post ()
(gblogger-new-entry "http://www.blogger.com/feeds/7785890353048895648/posts/default"))
and mapped it to C-c C-b.

BTW 1 - It was super easy to copy and paste the code from my .emacs.el, since it was open in another buffer.

BTW 2 - In writing this I found the following two commands really useful:

Prints the url of the current page in the minibuffer, but, possibly more useful, copies it to the kill-ring.
Same as above, but for the currently hilighted link.

BTW 3 - When trying to post this it complained that I had an HTML error and I freaked a little about getting my post back, but all I had to do was undo a couple times (C-x u).

BTW 4 - I went back and edited this post to remove some extra blank lines. Unlike normal HTML, they seem to matter here and were producing MEGA spacing.

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